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Coventry Connected
Solar Panels
Permit & Regulation Information
Permits are required for the mounting of solar panels on roof as well as ground mounts. Zoning regulations govern the placement of ground mount solar panels on your property. The regulations differ as to zoning districts; the Zoning Enforcement Officer can answer your questions pertaining to these regulations by calling 860-742-4062. 

  • Building / Zoning Permit Application
  • Two copies of a plot plan showing location of a ground mounted system in relations to side lines and dwelling 
  • A line drawing, roof description, list of system components, building plans 
  • An electrical permit for the wiring of the unit 
  • Permit fee made payable to the Town of Coventry 
  • Copy of the Certificate of Insurance showing Worker’s Compensation coverage or Worker's Compensation Waiver Form and a copy of the contractor’s HIC & E-1 licenses