Apply for a Permit

How to Obtain a Permit

You can obtain a building, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing permit a few different ways. Either you can come into the office, apply online, or mail in your application.

In Person

Come in to the office and fill out the appropriate paper work, submit any pertinent plans (drawings, heat loss reports etc.) associated with the project. If the permit is not being taken out by a homeowner or the homeowner is not the one actually performing the work, we need a copy of the contractor’s license and their liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage or worker's compensation waiver form.


Use the online permitting system and select Coventry to begin creating a user account for yourself. You will need to set up a Pay Pal account to pay for the permit online or mail in the check for payment. We will not accept the web permit for review until we receive this check in the mail and process it to the application.

Online permitting should be used for simple permits that do not require any type of prints or plans for the project. Those larger types of projects should be submitted at the Building Department at Town Hall. You must scan and attach the contractor’s license, liability / workers’ compensation insurance, if a contractor is doing the work, and if it is a heating or cooling application, a heat loss / heat gain report needs to be scanned and attached.


You may also mail in your permit application. Print out any necessary permit applications. You can then fill out the information required (be sure to sign and date the application), include necessary paper work (i.e.: heat loss report, contractor’s license, liability / workers’ compensation insurance) and mail into the office with a check made payable to the Town of Coventry.

This method should only be used for simple permits. Any permits requiring placement of structures on the property (i.e. sheds, pools, additions, decks etc.) should be handled in person at the Building Department Office only.