Category Information

This category includes all residential fences except pool fences. Permits are required for a fence which exceeds six feet in height from grade. Although no permits are required for a fence six feet or less in height, the town highly recommends that you erect the fence a minimum of one to two feet onto your own property so you are able to maintain the other side of the fence without trespassing onto your neighbor's property.

If a fence is six feet or less in height, its construction and location are not regulated by the zoning regulations except for safety and sight line concerns and for keeping certain animals in. If you have any questions pertaining to these specific situations, contact the Zoning Enforcement Officer at 860-742-4062.

All fences in excess of six feet in height are regulated in construction, use, and location by the Coventry Zoning Regulations and require a zoning permit.

A building permit is required for fences that exceed six feet in height (maximum height permitted is eight feet). In addition to information regarding fence post depth.