New House Construction

Permit Information

Permit process for new house construction is approximately 10 working days. First you must have an approved building lot.

You will need to determine the property address. Street number, map, block, and lot numbers are available in the Assessor's Office. If a street number is not listed in the Assessor’s Office, the map, block, and lot numbers must be written on the applications.


  • Two Building / Zoning Permit Applications (PDF) (approval takes approximately 10 working days for each permit phase. One building permit application is for the foundation only; the other is for house construction. Be sure to include any decks, porches, garages, etc. on all applications, as well as on the surveys and building plans. A ResCheck Compliance Report must be submitted prior to issuance of the permit. Call 860-742-4064 if you have any questions.
  • Copy of the Certificate of Insurance showing Worker’s Compensation coverage or Worker's Compensation Waiver Form and a copy of the new home contractor’s license are required at time of submittal.
  • Two sets of building plans and a ResCheck Compliance Report.
  • Three proposed site plans / surveys (once the foundation is in place, three as built plot plans must be submitted for the secondary review process of the House Construction Permit). Be sure to fill in lot size, lot frontage on the permit application. The survey must show the septic design, test hole and percolation test data, property lines, dimensions, location of all existing and proposed structures, well, all wetland areas (if applicable) determined by a soil scientist, and distance (in feet) of the proposed construction to all property lines on the survey. Call 860-742-4062 with questions.
  • One septic permit application. Please do not complete the line which asks for the licensed installer’s license number, expiration date, and signature on the septic permit application. The licensed installer must present his/her valid license and sign the septic permit in person in the Building Department after the house permit has been issued and before septic system construction can begin. Call 860-742-4064 with questions.
  • One driveway application.

Once an application for approval is submitted in full, various code enforcement officials / town staff may inspect the property.