Permit Information

A permit is required for stripping and reroofing, as well as, roofing over an existing roof. According to building codes, there may be no more than two layers of roofing material on a roof.


  • Building / Zoning Permit Application (PDF) (approval takes approximately one to two business days)
  • Permit fee, made payable to the Town of Coventry
  • Copy of the Certificate of Insurance showing Worker’s Compensation coverage or Worker's Compensation Waiver Form and a copy of the contractor’s HIC license (if homeowner is doing the work, no insurance / waiver or license are required)

The following information is required in the description area of the application:

  • Number of square of shingle
  • Weight per square, type of shingle, pitch of roof
  • Number of existing layers
  • Number of layers to be stripped
  • Is the roof to be re-sheathed
  • Is felt paper being applied
  • Is ice and water shield being applied