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Legal Notices, Public Hearings & Related Materials.

Legal Notice - Public Hearing - Cemetery Ordinance

Adopted Cemetery Ordinance Legal Notice

Cemetery Ordinance


Public Information Meeting, June 19, 2019: Bridge No. 06851 Rt. 44 over Olsons Brook

Legal Notice - Referendum Results

Legal Notice - Adjourned Town Meeting 5/7/2019
 Legal Notice - Annual Town Meeting 4/27/2019

Sound and Fury LLC vs Coventry Zoning Board of Appeals

legal Notice - Special Town Meeting - 2/28/19 (PDF)

Legal Notice - Public Hearing(PDF)

Legal Notice - Audit(PDF)

Legal Notice - Referendum Results(PDF) 
Legal Notice State Election & Referendum (PDF)

Legal Notice Special Town Meeting (PDF)
Resolution for Special Town Meeting (PDF)
WPCA- Legal Notice 855 Main St. (PDF)

WPCA - Proposed Sewer Assessment 855 Main St. (PDF)

Primary Notices 8/14/2018

Democratic (PDF)
Republican (PDF)

WPCA invitation to bid - Sludge Hauling 2018-2021 (PDF)

WPCA Legal Notice (PDF)

Annual Town Meeting Minutes 4-28-2018 (PDF)

Legal Notice - Adjourned Town Meeting & Referendum May 8,2018

Explanatory Text (PDF)

Legal Notice - WPCA-Lake St. (PDF)

Public Hearing -WPCA-Lake St. March 8, 2018 (PDF)

Public Hearing -January 16, 2018

*Adopted-Legal Notice (PDF)

Library Expansion Explanatory Text (PDF)

Legal Notice Adjourned Town Meeting & Referendum November 28, 2017 (PDF)

Legal Notice - Annual Town Meeting-November 17, 2017 (PDF)

CDBG Crumbling Foundations Public Hearing October 16, 2017 (PDF)

Legal Notice - Annual Meeting April 22, 2017 (PDF)

Public Hearing - WPCA April 13, 2017 - fee increase (PDF)

Legal Notice, Town Manager's Budget Hearing: March 9, 2017 (PDF)

Public Hearing 2/21/17 to amend ordinance sec 18.1 "Permit, inspection and review fees-Generally. legal notice & ordinance attached (PDF) * Adopted - Legal Notice (PDF)

Public Hearing 2/21/17 to amend ordinance sec. 2.191 "Veterans Memorial Commission" legal notice & ordinance attached. (PDF)

* Adopted - Legal Notice (PDF)

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