2019 revaluation

Town of Coventry October 2019 Revaluation Project

The Coventry Assessor’s Office with the assistance of Vision Government Solutions has completed the 2019 revaluation of all real property. Notices of new assessments were mailed to property owners on 12/4/2019.

 Is my assessment correct?
 Since the last revaluation conducted in 2014 real estate values have changed.

The following 4 questions can help you to decide if your assessment is correct.

1. Is the assessment 70% of current market value?
2. Does the Assessing Department have the correct information on my property?

To access property information on the internet click on the following link.


3. How much are similar properties in my neighborhood selling for?
4. How much are similar properties in my neighborhood being assessed for?

What do I do?
If you have a question or concern about the proposed valuation, call Vision Appraisal or go to www.vgsi.com/schedules to set a date and time for an informal hearing. This appointment is meant to allow a brief discussion about the valuation process. Most hearings will last 10-15 minutes.

Why attend an Informal Hearing?
You may have uncovered a data error, found some comparable sales that support a lower assessment on your property or you may want to make someone aware of an irregularity that affects the value of your property. It is up to you to convince the hearing officer why the value is incorrect if you are to receive a change of value. For all documentation, please bring copies that you can leave with the hearing officer.

How will I know if changes were made to my assessment after my hearing?
At the conclusion of the hearings, Vision Appraisal staff will review the notes from your hearing and any information you have provided on your property. They will make changes to the data and/or value of the property, if appropriate. After the final review process is complete for all properties, a notice will be sent to you. The new value of this change notice will reflect the changes made based on your hearing.

If I disagree with my assessment after a hearing, what are my options?
If any property owner believes, the assessment on their property is in excess of its fair market value, they should appeal it before the Coventry Board of Assessment Appeals. If the property owner still feels that after their meeting with the Appeals Board the assessment is still incorrect, they may appeal to the Superior Court. Please contact the Coventry Assessor at (860)742-4067 with any question pertaining to the filing dates for appeals.


Michael J. D’Amicol


Town of Coventry