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Coventry Connected
Town Services
Animal Control
Find out how to report animal issues to the Police Department.

Building Permits & Fees
Learn what forms and requirements you will need to begin construction in the town.

Disability Programs
Browse through the available programs for individuals with a disability.

Disposal & Recycling
Find out what you can and can't recycle and what facilities and programs are available.

Emergency Preparedness
Be prepared for any type of emergency and have an action plan ready for you and your family.

Access information about the various departments and associations working to protect the town and promote fire safety.

Home Burglary Prevention
Read through burglary of single-family houses to help protect yourself and your loved ones form a break in.

Housing Rehab Program
The Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program is designed for low and moderate income homeowners and landlords with low and moderate income tenants to address safety and public health code violations, as well as provide funds for necessary house repairs. Funds will address safety and public health code violations first but also may be used by homeowners for common repair projects including but not limited to, septic system repairs, sewer connections, roofing & siding, structural deficiencies, replacement windows, plumbing, electrical, and heating systems.

Law Enforcement
Find out how the department and its divisions protect the town.

Read about the various types of maintenance performed by the town.

Parks & Recreation

Senior Services
Discover the programs, events, and services provided to the town's senior residents.

Schedule a Building Department Inspection
Find out what information you will need to provide in order to schedule an inspection.

Unwanted Chemicals
Learn what you can bring the the waste drop-off facility in Coventry.

Unwanted Items
See what items will be taken by the transfer station with a cost and without a cost and what items are not accepted at all.

Veteran Exemption
Discover the exemptions put in place for our veterans.

Youth Services